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Bronx Lock And Locksmith Bronx, NY 718-663-2542How often has a file cabinet lock failed to open at the wrong moment? Have you ever faced a sudden lockout situation at your workplace? Commercial lock or key related emergencies may not arise often, but when they do, the entire day’s productivity suffers. For this reason, it is important to ask this vital question – do I have a 24 hr commercial locksmith near me ? Fortunately, if you own an establishment in Bronx, NY area, the answer is yes!

Bronx Lock And Locksmith is your go-to locksmith

Only when crucial locks fail to open, master key systems go haywire, or keys get broken into half, one wish that they had a commercial locksmith near them 24 hrs a day and understandably so. A lock related failure is always unexpected and can cause a lot of nuisance. Bronx Lock And Locksmith is a professional locksmith firm that offers express lock and key solutions to commercial clients situated in Bronx, NY. How do we get the job done? Read on.

Mobile solutions

Gone are the days when people would carry their heavy locks and keys to shops to get them fixed. Today, things have gone mobile and so have locksmith solutions. We have a widespread network of mobile locksmith vans stocked to the brim with all the latest tools and cutting-edge technology. You can say that they are the secret to our super-quick service. The moment our team receives a distress call from a client, they relay the message to a nearest mobile unit. Upon receiving the signal, the unit springs to action and immediately rushes to the concerned area to mitigate the issue.

Range of services

Not only do we reach your location in a record response time of just 15-20 minutes, but come fully equipped with all the tools we need. Need on location laser key cutting services or a new locks installation? Our mobile team has got it all covered!

24-hr support

Who can foretell a lock failure? What if your digital locks go haywire in the middle of the night shutting all the main entrances of the building? Wait until morning and you may just have to shut shop for the entire day. Don’t worry! We won’t let it come to that. We are the commercial locksmith near you with 24 hr availability in Bronx, NY area to track and resolve all lock or key related emergencies. Our standby team remains vigil throughout the night and offers the same scale of services with no extra ‘night’ charge.

When lock or key emergency strikes, people only call us! Haven’t you availed our quick and affordable services yet? Call us now on 718-663-2542 !